How To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Offers By “Stealing” It

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How to Legally Steal Other Peoples YouTube Traffic…

Did you know that you can legally and ethically swipe huge amounts of highly targeted traffic from YouTube videos and complete channels?

No… Then listen up. I’ll explain exactly how to do it and why this is now possible. When you hear what I’m about to tell you… you’ll be as amazed as I was, and I’m willing to bet you’ll hop over to YouTube before you finish reading this PDF (You won’t be able to help yourself)


What Nobody Will Tell You…

I write this from my own point of view, but as I do I can imagine many of you reading will feel exactly the same.

So let me ask you; do you find it easy to make money online? I bet the answer is no… the fact is while there are lots of ways to make money online most of the time applying those methods requires time and money.

And if you’re anything like me you’ve probably tried this and tried that with little to no success… am I right. OK, so we usually only get to hear about the obvious stuff that everyone talks about… and the fact that everyone does it means… well it simply means it’s been done to death. And in most cases that equates to wasted time and wasted money.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way…

Anyway, to cut a long story short… I found out that there are a number of what certain people in the know call ‘Stealth’. Stealth methods do exist but they remain hidden from most of us because they are very, very easy… and they make certain people a lot of money.

So, they are not sharing.

But I found one.


…Here’s how it works

So, there are MILLIONS of videos on YouTube right… and as I write this there were probably another thousand or more added. I don’t need to tell you the obvious but YouTube is huge and people are uploading videos like they are going out of fashion.

But here’s the thing… while many people upload videos, not all actually monitor them or stick with whatever they are doing, in fact many don’t.



Imagine you set up a site based around s specific niche… you put up a few videos and… Nothing


No Traction, No Visitors and No Sales…

Chances are you would dump the project, forget about the videos and let the domain expire. That’s what hundreds of thousands of would be Internet marketers actually do… Yes I discovered that.

The interesting point to this is… when you give up on a website and let that domain expire then the site and the google rank vanishes… it’s gone.

But unless you manually log into YouTube and delete those videos linked to your site (which hardly anyone does) then they stay right there… and the traffic and popularity of the video grows, not in every case of course but believe me they are there.


So what does that mean for you?

OK, so let’s assume you picked a keyword, hoped over to YouTube found a bunch of videos and started going through them looking for the golden nuggets the channel owners left behind.


What you need to do…

  1. You need to look for videos with traffic… obvious
  2. Check to see it still gets traffic… makes sense right?
  3. Check the video description just under the video and look for a link
  4. Now click that link to see if the site it relates to is still active
  5. If it isn’t then there is a very good chance you can actually buy the domain. And when you do, then you have effectively just hijacked all the traffic that video gets… it’s yours in an instant… and no I’m not joking, look.



Yeah I’m actually showing this little case study, I don’t mind doing that because… well because I have found a ton of much better ones so I don’t really care if somebody grabs this one.

And I want to show you that this is very real. Now of course quite a few people will read this PDF just like you are right now, they will see the domain in the case study graphic above and somebody will grab the domain… It’s sure to happen, so don’t be put off if when you check and that domain is gone.

But believe me it is available as I write this very sentence.


How do you make money with this strategy?

Well actually there are two ways to do it… let me explain.

The first method, which is by far the easiest is…


Forwarding Instructions…

  1. Buy the domain
  2. Find an affiliate offer that relates to the video, sign up to become an affiliate and get your link
  3. Once you have your affiliate link go back to your registrar (the place you purchased your domain).
  • Go to manage domains (or similar: I use Bluehost, btw)
  • Click on the domain (the one you just purchased)
  • Then look for where it says forwarding or domain forwarding (or similar) and click there.
  • Then under Domain (not sub domain) look for where it says ‘You are not forwarding this domain. Add one now »’… Now click the link – drop in your affiliate link – Then click ‘Add Forwarding.
  • Viola… you’re done.


What happens next?

So now, each and every time somebody visits that video (which still isn’t yours) and then clicks the link in the description (under the video), they are forwarded through your domain to a product you are promoting (through your affiliate link).

If someone decides to purchase that product… you get a commission. Crazy right?… what could be easier?

Now you can see from the case study that the domain would cost me $0.99, but in reality it will probably end up costing more like $3 lol. But even if it does then that is $3 for a whole year of traffic.


How much traffic?

That would depend on each video… and the case study I’m showing here is not the best one (I’m not showing the best ones for obvious reasons lol).

But even with this example I could potentially refer say 1 sale per week.


How much can I make?

Let’s assume that the commission I get for referring that sale is $27 (average)… then I could potentially make $108 per month…

That’s $1296 per year. No this isn’t ground breaking, but, remember… that is $1293 profit on a $3 investment. There’s nothing else to do, no work… nothing


$12,930 for a $30 investment

Now let’s say you had $30 to invest in domains… now you just multiplied the whole thing x10… so a potential $12,930 for a $30 investment… That sounds better doesn’t it?


Do the math yourself….

What I’m doing… well simple really, I buy some domains, make a few commissions and then buy some more domains. The goal for me is to get to 100 domains within the next month or so with no more than $30 out of my own product.

This little trick is great because, once you find the domain and forward it your work is done… and that’s probably why this method has remained ‘Stealth’ as they say.


Option 2

I said there was a couple of ways to use this method… the second goes like this.

You buy the domain – set up a website based on that niche – curate some content relating to that niche from around the web and effectively build an authority site where you can sell / promote products.

And this is neat because if you do this, the site gets instant traffic which gets noticed by Google – and that means the site shows up in the search engine.

So you are not only getting traffic from the video but also from Google (organically)… it’s a Win, Win

Plus you may also find other videos relating to the first one and your new site (same niche)… so you could buy them too and forward them all (as described above) to your new website.

Hint: I should also mention that while searching for videos to use I actually found complete channels with some videos having 100s of 1000s of views, and yet the whole channel had been forgotten about… Crazy – but true.

Excited?  Told you this was cool didn’t I….

You can use either method, however I’m lazy, plus I have a job (so not too much spare time)… so I’m sticking to the first method where I just forward the domain to an affiliate offer and collect the commissions…lol.


How this just got even EASIER

I love this method simply because it’s easy, cheap and it works, but there is a little snag. You see I want as many of these up and running as possible – ideally 100+. Anything over 100 could make me a potential $100,000 per year, and that really is my goal.

Now the snag here is finding the videos with expired domains… sure there are hundreds of thousands of them out there…

And you can find them manually as I’ve mentioned…


  1. You need to look for videos with traffic… obvious
  2. Check to see it still gets traffic… makes sense right?
  3. Check the video description just under the video and look for a link
  4. Now click that link to see if the site it relates to is still active



But it still takes time… so I started using this

It’s called Vsource


From 2 Hours to 2 Minutes

And essentially what it does is automate everything I’ve mentioned on this page in minutes… It means that what might have taken an hour or two now take a minute or two.

I come home from work… fire up the software – drop in a keyword & click search… the results come back showing me all the stats on the videos relating to the keyword I put in… but most importantly it shows me instantly which videos have those broken links.



  1. Log In… its web based so nothing to download.


  1. Drop in your Keyword 


  1. Let the software find you the videos with broken (expired links)


  1. Choose the domains to purchase from the results (thought I’d stick with the same case study as I don’t want to give too much away )


I’m a little bit lazy

Pretty cool right…and I’m just scraping the surface. They actually have a plugin you can use (which comes with the software), which you can drop into your WP site and it will build you a complete website from other people’s content and your affiliate link.

But like I said… I’m a little bit lazy, so for me it’s all about finding the domains fast, buying them and forwarding to affiliate offers… and this tool makes it super-fast for me to do it.


2 options

So two options

  1. Have a crack at doing this manually… you can do it, I did (it just takes a little while sometimes)
  2. Use the software… it takes minutes (nothing to download either) and a real time saver if you want to do this fast.


Either way, give it a go… it’s so easy lol


What to do Next…

Oh and one last thing…

If you fancy checking out the software I have a $10 discount for you…


Here’s what to do next (if you want to give it a go and take advantage of the $10 discount…

  1. Click here

Clicking the link takes you to another page. I.e the Vsource page. You can see all the details, features, testimonials and videos about the product there.

If for some reason the link doesn’t work copy and paste the following url into your browser:

  1. When you go to the secure checkout, enter the following code in the coupon box: dj10off

Like this…


Add the code: dj10off – then click apply. Make sure you hit apply before you pay… that way you will get the $10 off.

Click this link to get started today:

And of course they offer a full guarantee on the product (just in case you were wondering)

That brings me to a conclusion… hope you liked this little trick. Remember where you heard about it… and feel free to pass this PDF on if you wish, because there really are more than enough cracking ‘expired’ domains sitting right under popular videos to go around.


Thanks, and all the best… Hope this works for you