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You Can Do This For Free…

Want to know how to become a super-affiliate, without selling anything?  This article is short and to the point… read it, and you will see how you can really make passive income online….

Are you a “newbie”?  Perfect!  This is just for you.  You don’t need a website, hosting or any real “computer skills” at all…. but even if you have made a few dollars online, keep reading, you’re going to like this, too.


Start by checking out this screen shot...

You read that right, $464.53 in (100% profit) affiliate commissions, earned by simply giving away a free PDF…..seriously!

One of my mentors developed this is a method (I hate to use the word Trick) several years ago, and it still works today… wanna know how it works?

Great then read on…

So How Does This Work?

It’s a short and to the point PDF which details a very real method you can start using today.

As I mentioned earlier, one of my mentors (Mark) originally developed this little system while he was just getting started online and trying to sort out what worked from the rest of the hype.  A couple million later and guess what… he still uses it today… and so do a lot of other people who have this little PDF. (There’s a full, expanded version of the method, too.  It’s called HOOKUM .)

This process is extremely effective in the Internet Marketing/Make Money Online niche.  It would not be an overstatement to say it works incredibly well.  

Not in theInternet Marketing niche?  No problem.  This PDF “Trick” works in your niche, too, and just about any other niche you can think of… For example: when Mark started making money online as an affiliate he used this system to sell Clickbank products in the “embarrasing” niches.

It worked like gang-busters for him then, and it still does today.

Note: As mentioned above this system is based on Mark’s full training called HOOKUM, so you will see that HOOKUM is referred to throughout this publication.

Let Me (and Mark) Lend a Hand.

The reason Mark put Hookum (the full training) together initially was to help people get their first sales with a super simple method or people looking for a quick, cost free way to…

  1. Build a list
  2. Make Money (without spending it)

After all, isn’t that the reason we all spend so much time online in the first place?  Okay, maybe it’s not the only reason, but the simple fact you are here, now, and reading this PDF suggests that you are at least interested in making money online.

Yes?… Ok lets get started.


About Mark

You may or may not be aware of Mark Bishop…

So let me quickly explain so you know what I’m about to show you is the real deal…

Today Mark is reasonably well known and highly successful in the IM space…

I know, everybody wants screenshots, right?… Check it out…

$728,850.28 in 1 Year

The next screen shot is 2017 start to finish (1 account).  Mark lives in the UK, so the currency is GBP.

£538,493 GBP… that works out at: $728,850.28 – Almost three quarters on a Million Dollars in 1 year from 1 account.

This income is shown to demonstrate that rather than being one of those ‘Fake’ guys, Mark really does make a lot of money online Day In, Day Out. And just to verify this… He runs a registered UK LTD Company called IKKONIK LTD, Pays corporation tax, UK VAT, EU VAT MOSS and his accounts are held at companies’ house in the UK… So yes – these figures are REAL.

Hopefully the images above give you some kind of idea about how powerful this method can be, and this isn’t just another “how to make $100/day as a broke teenager” video on YouTube.  He’s a the real deal.  His stuff really works (for him and for others).

BUT, it wasn’t always the case.

Just like the majority of us, he spent a lot of time and money trying to find a way to replace his day job.

…Which happened to be as a self-employed plumber in the UK.

Here’s a shot of him from around six years ago…

Do You Hate Your Day Job?

Now, if you’re anything like most people, and like Mark was back then, the daily grind may well be crushing your soul, yeah?  A little too dramatic?  Okay, but you have to admit, there is probably another way you would prefer to spend your days, right?

Maybe you hate your job, but there is just no real way that you can quit and do what you love?

We all know how demoralizing a J.O.B. can be, especially when you know there are people online making hundreds, even thousands per day from their computer… like Mark (Now)


So How Did He Do It? (and more importantly, how can you do it, too?)

Mark spent hours and hours racking his brain and wondering exactly how all these average people were making so much money online.

Everyone seemed to have their own special method for making money, and yet newbies (like Mark was back then) couldn’t make even make a sale.

But as the old saying goes, “sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good”.  Mark simply refused to give up on what he wanted, and one day, he had the breakthrough that began to change everything for him.  When he finally stared at it for long enough he began to see all of the simple little nuances, he was off to the races, making over $120k in his first six months of actually MAKING money online.  


The Basic Method in a Nutshell…

It goes like this

#1. Find a product to promote.

Ideally, you should pick something evergreen. Something that will still be on sale this time next year, instead of vanishing in two weeks. When you approach it like this,  you do a little work once (create the PDF) and it keeps making you passive income.

#2. Create the PDF

Copy the content to a document.  Sales pages are a great place to get your content.  Make it appear helpful and informative, and then flow to a conclusion – Your Affiliate Link.
(See Full Training To Understand Flow Structure)

Format everything in a document, like Microsoft Word, Open Office, or Google Docs (and be sure to embed your affiliate link).
Once complete turn the document into a PDF

#3. Give it Away – Make Money

Now, the most important part… your audience. In the full PDF training, he details several cheap & free ways to get your PDFs in front your target audience, while building an email list, but for the purpose of this article, I will keep it simple and give you one (of the best & easiest) cost-free methods……. Facebook Groups.

Join Facebook groups in your niche.  Participate in the group,  add value, and be helpful.  Then, when the time comes that your PDF would provide an appropriate response to someone’s question, you simply direct them to it. 

If you don’t have a website to host it on, I suggest sharing it in Google drive.   When other group members see the conversation later, there is your share link, available for everyone to see, and to access with your PDF, which is waiting in your Google Drive to direct them to the solution they are seeking.  

And that, my internet friend, is the basic outline of how Mark, who is now a multi, seven-figure earner, got his big breakthrough in the internet marketing game. 

 I must point out that while I just gave you the basic outline, and you could probably go and make money with it in the next 45 minutes, it is just a small piece of the training in the PDF.

One essential piece of this method I have not mentioned yet is it is the one element that ties everything together…

Mark calls it ‘The Catalyst’.  I want to GIVE it to you.


How To Access The Full Training 

Do you want the complete training?  (I’m not charging anything for it)… 

Now… here’s what to do next

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